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Having an accurate property survey is an essential document whether you are selling your land or buying another property. That’s why the expert staff at Wasson Land Surveying LLC takes pride in their services throughout northeast Missouri.

Surveys measure a plot of land to confirm its boundaries, and determine if the landscape, buildings, driveways or other features are contained within your land or are encroaching adjacent property.
Martin T. Wasson opened the company that bears his name in 2004, and set two high goals: to complete the most detailed land surveys in our 11 county region; and to provide personalized service. This means he will be in charge of your survey and will meet you on your property with a technician to review every step in the process with you. His expertise as a professional surveyor (and as the county surveyor for Ralls, Pike, Monroe, Shelby, and Randolph counties) give him a unique experience in our region. He takes pride in his work, knowing that a good survey is important due diligence for the landowner. Upon completion, the borders of your property will be marked with steel survey markers that will be part of the public survey records for decades to come.

Wasson Land Surveying LLC

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